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Monday, March 13, 2017

Gathering # 30

Leslie and Lisa, checking SOMETHING out
Our March Gathering was only three. Dave's back was out, so he couldn't make it, but Leslie, Lisa, and Heidi were there. We expect to see Lorraine back from St George pretty soon.

We are a comfortable group, enjoying the company and the topic together very much. Our visits are broad ranging, with some good chatter all along. This time, with the spring forward robbing us of an hour of sleep, we were all rather draggy, but we enjoyed ourselves all the same.

the challenge for our March 2017 gathering was something Irish, Celtic, St Patrick's Day...

Lisa went with a rainbow theme:

a fractal tree in colorful gel pen

even more impressive, the fractal rainbow tree on black! isn't it something!

Leslie went with Waybop, a new pattern from Rick and Marie. Looks like something a farmer might have found in a ancient brooch from a clan king of the hills.

Dave was able to email a copy of one of his pieces, to include in the blog. The wonders of technology...

His take on Abundies, plus Girlande...looks like a kite! very springlike, indeed.

varnished using clear nail polish

Heidi went with a simple shamrock, with over/under sensibilities going on..mi2 filling the "leaves" all on a background of sort of Irish looking colors.

Leslie had a couple of tiles that she had "varnished" with clear nail polish...something that Marie Thomas blogged about

Who would have thought of clear nail polish to finish a zentangle artwork? But it adds a level of depth and richness to a tile, there's no denying it.


For April, we'll go with an Easter theme. 

see you then! 

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