IT Gathering #42 Update.

We gather on the Second Sunday of the Month.

Date: May 20, 2018. (Sunday) Third Sunday in May.

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Place, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store (Click this link for Map)

Please R.S.V.P.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gathering #25

Our Third October Gathering

It's amazing to realize that this little group has gotten together every month, since 2014. October this year is the first month of our third year, and we've had a lot of fun with it.

We have had people stop by to see what we are all about, who come one time and we don't see them again. Some have been several times in a row, then busy schedules or other things in life come along, and they have stopped coming.

And we've got our regulars. Dave, Heidi, Lisa, Leslie, Lorraine, and Joann. Leslie brings her sisters sometimes, and once in a while, a neighbor. Dave's daughter, and his grandkids have accompanied him now and then. Heidi brought her daughter once, and has invited a friend from work who has been with us a few times. It is a good group, and a fun creative activity that we all enjoy.

This time around we had Lorraine, Dave, JoAnn, Lisa, and Heidi. Leslie had a stay at home day.

We meet in the classroom at the back of JoAnn fabrics in Taylorsville, a section of SLC, Utah. They kindly let us use this space for free, once a month. It's just right, with tables for us to spread out on, and comfy enough chairs.

Every month, Dave brings patterns for us to practice  We played with these  for a bit, and also Heidi had a fun and pretty easy Celtic knot to practice.

The tutorial for this in on a youtube video, which you will be able to find in our resources tab. 

Lorraine stopped to smile for the camera.

Our chatter got a little bit somber, as we talked about things in our lives that give us stress, and how to help ourselves out of mentally dark places. Self talk, energy healing, and of course, the meditative calming effect of zentangle.

David Busy With His Sketchbook

some dreamcather play by Lorraine. Another really fun tangle.

Joann was eager to give dreamcatcher a try, and also gave it a good shot with the Celtic knot.







As always, we had a terrific time together. Little group of tangling friends.