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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gathering #12

Our One Year Anniversary!

We had a terrific Intermountain Tanglers Gathering this September, and it's hard to believe, we have been going at it for a full year! With our one year mark in mind, we thought it would be fun to tell how things got started.

When HeidiSue started participating in various online tangle challenges, she noticed that there was a very friendly and kind person who kept making the most interesting comments on people's blogs. David Hunter. With a very hip and cool looking photographer as his profile picture, she thought "Wouldn't it be cool to meet this guy!" but really, on the internet, you so rarely get to meet people you are interacting with, right? So she just kept on participating in the Diva Challenge, and everywhere she went to see other people's entries, she found interesting and insightful comments by this David Hunter person.

Well eventually she figured it out: you can check a person's blog profile to learn more about them, and when she checked on Dave's blog, she found that he is located in Salt Lake, her own home town! So, a few clicks later, and a few minutes of keyboarding, and she had sent him a message by way of his blog.

Within two weeks, we had our first meeting. Dave's sweet wife Linda was there, and we spent a couple of hours sharing techniques and enjoying each other's sketchbooks and completed tiles. We began putting out word by way of library bulletin boards, and Dave got in touch with Marie English, a CZT here in Salt Lake. The next month, we were on our way, with two gals who heard of us thru Marie. You can read about that meeting at this link.

And of course, you can see what we've been up to every month. Just click on any link in the archives to the right.

So here we are, a year later. We had a wonderful get together.

Leslie Burge and her sisters Judy and Deb came, along with Lisa and Barb who have become real regulars. Lorraine, HeidiSue and David, along with JoAnn that Dave met recently.

The entire crowd, happy at work

Heidi and Barb admiring Lorraine's
work. She has been tangling for a little while and found our info on

Dave brought a "date" :) a lady friend, JoAnn, who was interested in trying her hand at this art form, and she did AMAZINGLY well for "her first time ever." It was sure nice meeting her.

We always have such a fine looking jumble everywhere

Leslie and Judy visiting

Taking phone pics of some pieces

HeidiSue broke a long dry spell when she ran with an idea: Tangled Hair. With the outline of a face, penciled in hair-looking "string" all around it, and then fill in all the hair with various tangles. It is a fun and really interesting way to create.

A rococo look to this wild haired gal.

Leslie, Judy, Deb, and Lisa creating madly!

This Month's Practice sheet showed the Step-Outs for: