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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gathering #17

The Valentine's Gathering

This is late getting finalized, but here is our February Gathering Blog Post.

It was a smallish group, but enjoyable as always. We got talking...philosophizing...about Zentangle (TM) and how it has helped us. Many people think they cannot do art, but when you pick up a pen and paper, and draw lines, and build on the lines with shapes and patterns, when you let the left side of your brain fall back to second place, and the right brain moves to the center and you just let yourself "be" ... observing without judging, quietly reveling in the quality paper, letting stillness surround you and fill you up as you make your lines...when you are done making lines and shapes, and patterns voila`! you have something so interesting to look at, and feeling relaxed and grateful.

HeidiSue., Leslie, and Lisa
One of the best things about this hobby...this art how minimal the supplies are. Paper, a pencil, and a pen are all that is needed to create the basic zentangle tile that is fun to look at and full of details that keep the eye occupied. Anyone can tuck these items in a pocket or a purse and be ready to tangle any time, anywhere!

Because of the simplicity, zentangle is something you can do every day, even if you only have 20 minutes of down time. And, if you are practicing every day, you'll find yourself creating things you maybe didn't think possible. Shading and three-dimensionality in your work. Depth, not only an illusion of how "deep" a pattern can look, but depth of thought, as you ponder "what does this remind me of?" or perhaps "What was I feeling when I made this?"

We all agreed, this is a wonderful, and highly beneficial way to relax, de-stress, and get in touch with the creative center of our selves.

Hands creating

 creative hands!

the jumble of an art table

Leslie's piece on tan toned paper.

Hearts Galore!

More delightful Leslie works

a page out of Heidi's "string project"

Playing with a new pattern

Molygon play

some more luscious hearts

the patterns jump the gaps. COOL

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