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Date: May 20, 2018. (Sunday) Third Sunday in May.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Gathering #6

Well we've been at it for half a year. Hard to believe that amount of time has passed, and we have had our sixth Intermountain Tanglers Gathering. As always, what a lot of fun we had. Most of us were return participants. On the left, Annie, Leslie, David and his granddaughter Ivory (His daughter Heather is taking the picture)
On the right, Barbara, Heidi, Donna. Doris came in a little bit late, and Annie had to leave early.

Dave brought a pattern sheet, as usual, and we practiced Allium, Niuroda, and Amalea. Niuroda proved to be a pattern that most everyone wanted to play with, and Dave's daughter Heather created a lovely page of Amalea.

In the course of our time together, we created a lovely jumble of papers, pens, and other supplies.

All the creativity!

 Dave scanned a lot of pieces with his little portable scanning wand, making some good clear images of samples of everyone's art.

Here he is working with a piece in HeidiSue's sketchbook. A black backing under the paper helped with the show through that was occurring from the other side of the paper.

Barbara had a page full of circle tangles

Ivory's talent for tangling shone 
Donna tangled a Letter D

As always, we had a terrific time, enjoying each other's company, admiring one another's art, and flourishing in the creative energy that abounded in the room.

Everyone was so glad to see David, and offered condolences. He was relaxed and at ease, enjoying the time to create.


 Barbara Huppe

 Donna Mirabelli
 Heather Hunter

 Heather Hunter
 Heather Hunter



The 12 Spiral Rose Mandala. To color or tangle as desired. How to make it is in our resources tab.
Heidi Sue



Leslie Burge

Leslie Burge

Lesli Burge



  1. Had a great time at our gathering, as always. The creative people there are wonderful and the tips we share back and forth make it a pleasure to be with these folks. Thank you again friends, for having this gathering. It's a wonderful part of my life!

  2. I just stumbled upon your group from information shared on I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about finding a group to work with. I hope to very soon be able to join you in your next meeting. I will put in an rsvp. I have searched for years to find a group/class and supplies that were available locally. (I have noticed that the last 6 months or so, Michaels has started carrying a lot of books and supplies for Zentangle. I no longer have to order online.) My daughter and I will probably be joining your group as permanent members! Please know how much it means to me to have found a group in Salt Lake City, Utah. You people rock!!! Can't wait to meet you!

    1. Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! I'm excited to meet another new friend, and I think it's so cool that you found us through Isn't it wonderful to find locals? That's how I felt when I found out David Hunter (of all people!) lived in Salt Lake! yay! Gonna be fun.