IT Gathering #42 Update.

We gather on the Second Sunday of the Month.

Date: May 20, 2018. (Sunday) Third Sunday in May.

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Place, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store (Click this link for Map)

Please R.S.V.P.

Reserve a seat at the next Gathering by filling out the contact form at the left.

Videos to enflame the passion of Zentanglers.

Interesting Videos found on YouTube.

To Start things off. Here is an awesome Flash Video that Marie Thomas
placed on the Zentangle Blog Site. This video will get you in the Zentangle Mood.
It is awesome.

How to Draw a 12 point Spiral Rose Mandala

Coloring your Tiles prior to Tangling...

Color those Tiles using watercolors, and Salt, Bleach, Paper Towels, and Plastic Wrap to obtain some very interesting and beautiful background effects on your Tiles.

12 different ways to do basic blending for colored pencils.

Cher Kaufmann, international artist and author.

See if you recognize some of your favorite CZT's on this two part video.

The quality of these two videos is not the best, and there is some background noise as they are recorded live at a CZT event. Still, I found them interesting and enjoyed hearing from a number of CZT's that I have recognized on the Diva Challenges, other YouTube videos, and various Blogs.

CZT Marketing Retreat.

Fabulous Tips and Tricks from a CZT Marketing Retreat...

Creating Zendalas.

This video is part of a gold mine of Zentangle videos. A playlist of many videos you may find interesting. The two videos above, of the Zentangle Marketing Retreat are part of this play list.

Fast action view of Interlocking Zendalas (Tiffany Lovering)


How to make lace doilies out of Chocolate.

Very good instructional video. Try this with some Zentangles that will conform with the limitations of working with chocolate. The teacher on this video, Julia Usher, is very good, and the quality of the video is clear and the sound is great. This one is worth a look. (Time 24:28 minutes)

Watch Me Tangle Videos.

Paper Making

This Video on Papermaking and the History of Paper is very good. It is long, but full of wonderful information. Ray makes paper beginning with cotton rags from T-Shirts and processes it into pulp and creates paper while he gives a great history accounting of its beginnings and origins. Watch this video in installments if you like, as it is about an hour in length. This will give you a very small idea of what is going on in the Fabriano Papermill as they make Tiepolo papers. As you recall, Tiepolo is 100% rag content paper. One can respect the high cost of these papers.

Inside a High Production Quality Paper Mill

This is a very well done, high quality (720P HD) professional video on the modern equipment used to manufacture todays quality, mass produced papers for the printing industry. I found this video mesmerizing. It is just a bit over 13 minutes long, and is packed with information and wonderful views of the equipment and processes involved in the paper making process. This video only emphasizes the huge capital investment, and technical expertise required, to produce the common sheet of paper. If this video interests you, search out more videos on this fascinating subject on the Internet.

Fabriano Paper Making Museum.

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